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For those you put though dies, what is your presort if any?

I never throw anything away; from the tin I have yet to find a pellet that cannot be shot into the head of a rabbit at 60 yards after a few seconds massage.
No real presorting.  My roll test, after sizing the skirts, or both heads and skirts, tells all I need to know other than weighing if for competition or special extreme range groups.
If they stack together in the roll test after sizing the skirts then their heads are also the same size as each other. 
If they stack together after sizing both heads and skirts , same applies. 
If they go click click click as they roll then there is a cut, mark, dent, depression in head or skirt. If in the head then that pellet WILL spiral somewhere down range. Depending upon the spiral nature it may still luck into a group but it will most often be a flier.
Those who read this carefully will realize that my roll test sorts for virtually all the things needing inspection.

However the most perfect pellets still need to be shot through your barrel to see what imperfections lurk in the barrel – and they are countless. … Kind regards, Harry.