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There is so much information out there, what do you want a bullpup, carbine, or full size?   I would recommend a Kalibru Cricket bullpup or Carbine in .25 and a Vulcan in .22.  Only because of there proven track record for reliability and accuracy.  The Impact will one day be a GREAT gun maybe the MKII version, but still having some growing pains.  I don’t know what i would recommend in .30 cal.  Being new to airguns, know that power comes in second to a good kill, first and foremost will come shot placement.  A lot of people have taken out small and medium size game (coyotes) with a .22 but you have to be on your game, and most will tell you that a .25 is a safer bet, because you can get away with a decent shot instead of a perfect shot, and I agree.  Point being I have no need for a .30 Cal and ammo is harder to come by.  .22 is everywhere and huge variety, .25 has come a long way but more expensive and variety is almost matching with .22, but 30 cal.  I just don’t Know.