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Kyler if I may give you a little more information when you go to get your tank filled and expected fills to get off your 75 cu/ft tank. Most times when I drop my tank off for filling I usually pick it up an hour of so later. They rarely get the full 4500 psi fill, partly because the air cools down after filling. In that case the fill level is about 4200 to 4350 psi.. When I can leave  it there and pick it up the next day they can get the 4500 psi I guess since they can top off the tank. Since it is a 50 mile round trip for me and it costs me gas and time I usually pick up the tank after the hour or so time frame. The next thing to know is how many fills you can get off your 4500 to 4200 psi fill. Pyramyd Air has a tank fill calculator on there site to help figure out the amount of rifle fills you will get from Your CF tank.Once again having a chronograph to figure out your usable fill range will help you in these calculations. The calculator is somewhat hidden on the site but you can find it under any PCP rifle description by selecting the ‘PCP Hookup’ tab. Then click on highlighted ‘Tank Fill Calculator’ on the left side of the page. The chart will pop up and you fill in the info about your rifle set-up. You will also have to find a bar to psi conversion  calculator to enter the psi information. I did a calculation for you with the best information I know about your rifle. It appears you will get in the range of 18 to 22 fills off your 75 cu/ft 4500 psi tank depending on how well they do the fill. Bill