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“NMshooter”If their goal is to compete with the Wildcat it needs to be regulated and and shrouded at $1200-1300. If the they mean to compete with the pulsar at $1800 and up they may be in trouble. Not sure about the rest of you guys, but, I just can’t see paying over $1500 for a bull pup.  I probably would have gone with Vulcan but when they went with the cheap wood stock, I was out. I do believe the manufacturers need to make a profit and I really don’t mind paying when they spare no expense, but don’t expect me to buy when you they have  scrimped along the way! You want top dollar give us your best, otherwise, we might as well get a Hatsan or Marauder and trick it up!

Agree with all of the above.  Especially the Vulcan stock comment.  At their price range the wood stock is junk.