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Kieth, how old is your Marauder? I had marauders in 2009 when they first came out (.177 and .22) the .25 came a year later I believe. I never tore those guns apart but after thinking about John pointing out the white poppet, I thought I remembered white poppets pictured by guys that were working on Marauders back then. I called Crosman and they confirmed that white was used on the early guns but were unsure of when they switched to black? The oldest gun I have had since the orginal marauders was 2011 and the poppet in that gun (.177) was black, but that gun was a factory refurb and could easily have had the valve replaced when Crosman refurbished the gun?

As Tim points out the poppets should last a long time. You never know the history of a gun, but one prod that had a broken poppet had over 5000 shots thru it in less than 6 months. The lower larger diameter portion that seals against the valve, had seperated from the smaller upper portion that holds the spring. Most have been broke in this manner, but a couple had the entire head broke off.