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I live in California in the “condor zone” and all for large game hunting with firearms you are required to use non lead ammo. Airguns are exempt from this reg, but it almost takes a scholar to find the specs! I shoot the lead free H&N Baracuda Greens in my .22 R9 with excellent results. Another pellet that has worked well was the PCP2 Dynamic from Prometheus. They weighed around 14 grains and shot very well. BUT then the factory retooled and the newer pellets don’t seem to work as well, though I admit I haven’t spent that much time with them. They keyhole out of my .22 Marauder. I think H&N may be making them now, they may be worth a try to see if they shoot well in your gun. A careful read of your state’s regs may mention that airguns are exempt, give that a try as well.