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Just going to bump this for the last time guys with a few words, or mainly two..

Thank You!

All the people that have donated or sent wishes to Giles, thank you thank you!!

Thanks to the forum admin too.  I’ll be letting Giles know of the forums who’s members have helped out.

I’m closing donations off at 10am UK time Saturday morning, what’s that around 5am Saturday for you guys?

I’ll also be closing my auction for the browning X blade I donated then too (for any uk members here that want one)

I think Giles will be made up and you should be proud of your efforts.  First donation I had.. Via this forum! Biggest two monetary donations I’ve had.. Via this forum!

And also, thanks for the kind words some have sent to me for sorting this out!  My Mrs is always saying I need to stop helping other people!  But one day my time will come (he hopes haha)