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I live in France. The gun laws changed quite a bit in 2004/5. Now one needs a permit de chasse or permit de tir. The first being for  hunting and the latter for gun club shooting. The chasse licence if your French is good has a practical test and a 5 section question and answer exam. The chasse permit obtained will allow most shotguns and most rifles,. However this has recently changed again and all guns are now put into categories A, B,C and D. Without going into too much detail category C is the chasse or gun club section. Basically military calibres are not allowed and there are controls on ammuntion quantities. Air guns are freely allowed in France up to 20 joules of energy ( appx 16 FPE) although age restrictions apply under 18 I believe. Over 20 joules all airguns are in Category C. The calibre is irrelevant as is the power. The gun club licence is very straightforward , fill in a form showing proof of ID and residence. Pay the fee about 159 euros wait two weeks, collect licence from club. Sign and obtain your doctors signature on the licence. Buy your airgun of choice. Take details of said gun to the local Sous Prefecture who will note the Declared item. The Gendarmerie will inspect your security. Gun club licence for proper fire arms is the same but there are Controles two or three times a year witnessed at the gun club that you have fired a certain number of shots abd been perceived safe. Pistols and long guns all ok. Section D is for eg black powder weapons and is less controlled. 
Hunting with .22 air guns is not allowed. But .25 and above is ok. The chasse season is appx September to February but varies locally dependent on quarry availability.

There are few good airgun shops in France, 

Safe shooting