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Quote: Ginuwine1969
Hey Hawken, I also love my .22 Cricket, haven’t torn it apart yet, but after i get my next gun (most likely the Vulcan rifle) i will tear it apart and change the seals or something. May i ask why you went with a Cricket in .22 since you already had one in .25?  Why not try something different? See i want a .25 and love the Cricket but figured two of the same guns in the house is excessive, they say variety is the spice of life so i’m shopping for something different, but going with an unknown can lead to heart ache.

I figured if I liked the .25 so much, and all the reviews were so high on the .22, I couldn’t go wrong. I use the .25 for hunting out in the desert and the .22 here on the ranch. The .25 is quiet, but with the .22 the horses don’t even flinch. Id like to get one more down the road and I’m looking real hard at the Cricket carbine or Vulcan rifle. Although the Boss 30 still has my attention. I tried the Wildcat .22 first and it was a good gun, I just didn’t like the feel of it. Somethings just don’t feel right, even if they are good quality.