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Kyler I just watched the AOA youtube video on your omega 75 cu/ft tank. It appears you have the tank with the one gauge that only registers the out going pressure to your rifle. Since you said both the tanks gauge and rifles gauge both read the same pressure it appear its time to get your Omega tank filled again. I see that AOA does have an upgraded valve that shows both tank pressure and outgoing pressure like mine. However there is a fitting called a deadhead I believe that you install in the tank or hose end to plug it up so you can open you tank valve and get the fill tanks pressure. That would be a cheap way to monitor your fill tanks existing pressure. Maybe someone can chime in about the deadhead fitting and how to use it and where to buy one. At this point it appears you are just running out of high pressure air and that may be the cause of your accuracy problems. You can then use the dead head to confirm your tanks fill pressure after the scuba shop finishes filling it. Than also like others and I mentioned get a chronograph if you don’t have one to check your rifle performance. Then you can use the data to create drop charts and other things. Bill  

Kyler I found the dead head fitting on airtanksforsale website. the fitting is about 3/4 down the main page with some other fitting. Call Joe B. and he will send you one out right away I bet.