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You stated that the magazine doesn’t index all the way and cycle into the next slot completely and that you have to manually click it into place.  It could be that the ball spring tension adjustment screw (that sits on the bottom of the action below the magazine), is set in too much.  Try loosening the screw to see if it will resolve the issue. 

That was the first thing I adjusted. When this first happened to my Cricket, the mag would not turn at all, not even manually. It was as if someone had tightened the ball spring tension and loosened the trigger screws so it fired a pellet when I pulled the side lever back. 

To to get it “working” again, I tightened the trigger screws so the trigger is not as light as it was before but the hammer stays cocked when I pull back the side lever. Then I loosened the ball spring tension so the mag could turn. I tried loosening it all the way until the mag wouldn’t stay in place at all and then back to just before the point where the mag wouldn’t turn at all. There appears to be an additional problem as this  did not make the mag index again.

I wish I could work out what happened to the Cricket to make these adjustments suddenly necessary. Nobody else touches it other than me…. It’s so frustrating.