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Vulcan .25–6.3 lbs.  Air Arms Slayer Pup listed as weighing 6.6 lbs but Tom says it will probably be lighter.  Light weight comes from using quality materials like titanium for reservoir tubes and (at the risk of repeating what has been said over and over and over by many), replace those darn bulky wooden stocks and cheap fiberglass boat anchors with carbon fiber.  

Look at the Cricket, for example.  From my understanding all the Cricket models use the same inletting.  So Kalibrgun could go to a CF manufacturer and say I want, what, 2000 stocks in CF, and if that CF manufacturer were located in China I’m hypothesizing a per unit cost comparable to current monstrosities.  But they don’t bother.

But I agree that reservoirs, regs and breech assemblies will always add weight.  However, look at the Modroc–uses an aluminum barrel to make a 51″ long gun weigh 7 lbs.  Aluminum barrel, titanium reservoir, CF stock–I would postulate a 5 lb weight or less.   

That’s my point; the manufacturers aren’t listening; they’re not trying.