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I would concur that the styling is awkward:  Overly large barrel/cylinder gap, a breech that looks like it was inspired by the steam-punk movement, an overly-small shroud that seems designed for inefficiency of function.  The stock has some lyrical lines.  Overall I am almost irritated by how the airgun manufacturers in general ignore the information available from consumers.  Ever since the bullpup craze hit the airgun field we’ve been asking why do these short, handy little guns weigh so much.  It’s paradoxical; you design a short, maneuverable carbine seemingly intended for field use and then weigh it down with overly bulky wooden stocks or equally massive cheap synthetic stocks.  Now we see three additional bullpups enter the fray (Ataman, Hatsan and AA) and the lightest entry weighs 8 lbs.  It’s almost insulting; we know that company reps visit some of the forums from time to time and yet no one listens (never mind the customers, we’re the experts).

Like I said, I’m getting irritated; think I’ll grab my 5 lb Ruger 10/22 and go for a walk and cool down. 🙂