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First post here.  My name is Jude, I’m 42 years old and I’m from Guam, a U.S. Territory island in the Pacific.  Like most of you, I grew up shooting Daisy, Crosman, Benjamin, and Sheridan airguns.  I’ve always been into powder burners but my first real airgun I purchased on my own was a RWS 48 in .177cal ordered from Cabela’s (Gander Mountain) back in the early 90’s.  I should have opted for the 22cal model.  Back then, when I didn’t know any better, I always chased speed and never considered pellet weights or a bigger caliber for taking down critters.  I just got drawn in to the high FPS marketing and later realized the pellets used were inaccurate.

I then purchased an RWS 34 TO6 in .22 about 5 years ago, made my own spring compressor and installed a Vortek kit in it.  I mounted a Hawke 4-16 scope on it, shot a lot of different pellets through it trying to find what she liked and once I found it, it was still not as accurate.  I never liked the reality of having to use the artillery hold on springers to ring out their true potential.

After lurking through the threads on various airgun forums and watching endless videos on Youtube, I’ve decided to jump in the deep end (aka The Dark Side) and to delve into the realm of PCP airguns.  Lord help me!  One of the great things Guam has to offer is our dive spots.  We have a lot of dive shops throughout the island to get your SCUBA tanks filled.  After realizing that most PCP airguns fill past 3000 PSI, I’ve been looking at SCBA carbon fiber tanks.  The only thing is that I have not found anyone that could fill to 4500 PSI except for one of our Fire Stations and the last time I asked my buddy about it, he told me their compressor was down.   :(   

First thing on my list is a Freedom 8 Shoebox compressor, shop compressor, and a Great White carbon fiber tank from Joe B.  It will probably take me a year to purchase them due to financial restraints.  After that, the first PCP airgun that I purchase will be any of these in .25cal and in no particular order;  FX Wildcat, FX Royale 500, KalibrGun Cricket, Vulcan, or a Daystate Huntsman Regal.  I’m curious about the FX Wildcat in .25 synthetic but hopefully all the bugs get worked out after I’ve purchased my fill support gear.  Will be used for 80% hunting.  Thanks for having me guys.