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I think i might have figured it out …I bought some H&N Baracuda power pellets to try out and there copper coated I shot two mags of them two days ago and thats when my issues started to happen I tried shooting an hour ago with my JSB’s indoors and first shot dead nuts second .5 to the right …third dead nuts …then .5 to the left?
….i checked the scope and everything was tight so I thought i would clean the gun …..tada just put 40 pellets in one hole? …maybe the pellets were not centered and were just plucking feathers off?!?! …as for the crop shots John i agree with my TrailXL 1100 .22 at 22fpe I dont use that shot often for that reason but with my FX Independence at 33 fpe I actually really like that shot and use the energy transfer to my advantage …rather then pencil through it unloads a hell of a shock wave on the bird and you can actually hear the pressure on impact …i will try it again and see if that is what it is!
Thanks for the replies folks