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I was under the understanding …and I apologize if I am wrong here that the guns Ted uses for his reviews are sometimes lent to him and sometimes his own guns but he also states that he purchases a lot of his FX guns from AOA and I would amuse that he is getting the same guns as you and I would have been able to buy?? 
I am not saying that some of the issues you are all having with brand new guns are unacceptable and to be honest i would be pissed if I spent that kind of money and bought a lemon as well that’s why we investigate various sources before we buy right??? …or at least I did and also with the warranty with not only the maker but also the seller of said air rifles
I just dont think that his guns in the reviews he does are hand picked for him …granted they might be the nicest that they have in stock at say AOA for example at time of ordering but I cant even say that for fact!