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Although I commend Air Arms’ attempt to widen their PCP line of air rifles, I personally think the design of the Galahad is a slight miss.  The huge gap between the barrel and air tube looks slightly awkward.  To lessen that gap, I think AA should have increased the diameter of the air tube.  This would increase shot count and may give the gun more front-end weight (though it might be negligible) and add to a more balanced bullpup since the weight of most bullpups is biased towards the rear.  If AA chooses to leave the Galahad the way it is, then I think they’re going to need a regulator fitted as standard to achieve a decent shot count from the small air tube.  That said, given AA’s reputation for quality products, I’m certain that the same quality is inherent in the Galahad as it is on their traditionally-styled rifles.