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I’ve had both guns in .25 cal., Impact and Wildcat, for over a month. Having shot both guns a good bit, I believe the Impact is marginally more accurate. Keep in mind there’s no love lost between myself and the Impact because I absolutely lost my enthusiasm and excitement for it, so its not a matter psychological or financial influence that has me leaning toward the Impact just because I spent more money on it.  Its not remarkably more accurate, its very close, in fact its quite possible that someone else with samples of both guns could find the Wildcat to be slightly more accurate. Theoretically they both should perform equally, but each gun is an individual with its own character flaws, a universal truth associated with mass produced anything. Accuracy is huge discriminator for me, if something wont group well off sandbags and a bench, I don’t need it.  Both guns shoot very well, now that I have them I don’t want to get rid of either, but had I got the Wildcat first, I probably wouldn’t have the Impact.
If you don’t plan on purchasing at least one additional caliber kit for the Impact, I would lean toward the Wildcat. While it doesn’t have 3 external user adjustments like the Impact (which all basically influence velocity), the hammer spring can be easily adjusted on the Wildcat to acquire desired velocity. Out of the box with no adjustment, the Wildcat Trigger was nicer. Good luck with the decision.