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I have to add. You have to know your basics, and practice you basics and shooting until you are breathing, eating and sleeping your shooting sport. I always try to practice at least 3 – 5 hours of shooting in a week. Then I do about 2-3 hours of dry firing. My coach used to grind me until it all came as second nature to me. You don’t even think about what I’m doing, it just happens.

For young ones who wants results right now, unfortunately it doesn’t just happen, it takes time and lots of rounds down range. 

To some it comes very easy and natural, if you ask them how they got there, they will tell you, practice.

A few years back, I met a fantastic shot from Poland. He won 3 National titles in a span of 5 years. I asked him, how much do you practice. He said he does about 2 – 3 hours every day of the week. He has a basement range that is 11 m long. Perfect for 10 m air rifle shooting.

Just my thoughts