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“sgtskinny”I doubt the professional reviewers received a “special” gun, but I’d be willing to bet they at least got one that test fired “well” off the rack. Had they received one straight out of the box that shot like the one I got, the reviews would have been much different. After 2 weeks in the shop getting all of the barrel supports and pellet probe carrier aligned, and a new barrel, mine now shoots as advertised, “1/2″ groups at 50 yds. are typical”. Not everyone has the resources or knowledge to “fix” one of these new PCP’s, and they shouldn’t have to considering the cost. The good news is, if you do get a “bad” one out of the box, it can be corrected, one way or another.

As the tech advances in these guns I think we should start to make a distinction between “tuning” and “adjusting”, because simply making a change to built in adjusting device to affect velocity really isn’t tuning, its just a purpose built mechanism designed to acquire the best possible performance from a given pellet and gun/barrel combination. Tuning is doing some type of substantial work; correcting mechanical character flaws or design issues, changing and modifying springs, and components to improve the performance of a weapon are some of the things that fall into the category of “tuning”. The Impact’s external user adjustments allow for a wide range of velocity manipulation, wide enough to accommodate about any available projectile weight in 4 calibers, and an arrow launcher, but I don’t think 1 click on the power wheel and 1/4 turn on the hammer spring qualify as “tuning”.

The Impact is a remarkably accurate gun by the way, when it functions as intended.

This is what I was talking about with you receiving one that didn’t perform so well and someone else receiving the “most accurate gun ever”.

Nobody is claiming that FX built Ted a special gun but, as I said, if was FX, I would go out of my way to make sure he got the best example and not the one with accuracy and quality issues. 

It is good that yours could be fixed but I agree that you shouldn’t have to, especially with a $1900 gun. Whenever I have had to send out a gun as soon as it arrives, I usually loose my enthusiasm and excitement for it. 

What I heard in the review is that the Impact has 3 ways to easily adjust the power and efficiency. Making sure that the gun puts out the right amount of air for the pellet can definitely affect accuracy but the reg, hammer spring and valve can be adjusted on other guns (just not as easily). I am sure Ted is capable of making those adjustments on his other guns, or sending it to someone who can do it for him. 

I’m not bashing the Impact. I really like FX guns and admire the company for it’s design and innovation skills. Where I was going with all this, is that I would like to know if the Impact is noticeably more accurate than a Wildcat, given that all FX guns use the same barrel (or at least that is what Ted said). I intend to buy one or the other at some point.

Perhaps it is the more sophisticated trigger on the Impact that makes up the difference.