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Hey All,
Thanks for the response so far, and thanks for putting the up the vid ztirffritz.

I don’t know who all is on AGN, and what ages, but I’m making another shooting vid starting with a springer that I gave to my dad. It’s a surprisingly good little gun. Great for someone starting out.

One of the Reasons for posting here and on youtube is kinda regret… I’m way older now and just didn’t think about sharing my advise, that it had taken yrs to grasp, to someone who didn’t appreciate it. I still have issues with it, but know I wont be setting world records for anything, so why not share. People can benefit.
Also, It bugs me bad that I’m a 3rd gen. Brick Mason, specializing in custom design masonry, and the ones now don’t care, don’t want to learn and everything I see today my dad would say tear it down, if he were here. Everything you have learned ends with you, unless you help or show how. 

So thats why I wanted to, and hope that everyone else will “give up” something that has helped them become better, and also “what not to do” is about as important. 
It costs so much to go to the range for powder burners now, I think lots of people will not try.  Solution – Airguns! But they don’t give the results that burners do, (so I thought) They will show you every mistake more real so you can improve.

It irks me to think that there are some that think, if they can’t be the best they wont try, or those that have a will to learn, don’t have someone to help or someone to show them how. I want everyone to see your comments. Hopefully more will help.

I don’t know if the vid above takes you to Youtube, but if it does, don’t be afraid to comment, or subscribe or put a comment there or here.
As I put it in the vid, “Knowing your gun and your Potential is Key” I’ll be explaining it further later.
 Google    “1Avid youtube” and click on Responsible Shooting if you want to see the above vid. on youtube. Maybe I’ll use your comments or Ideas if you want me to. Help me make the vids better. I make sure you get the credit!

Thanks, Keeneye or 1Avid Air.