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FOR EVERYBODY’S BENEFIT, I’m translating in English from the DRNA website:
4) Can I shoot an iguana on my property? Answer: In Puerto Rico, isn’t legal to fire pneumatic airguns or firearms outside a shooting range, unless you are hunting and you have a license to hunt or permit from DRNA to do so. 

20) What permit do I need to capture iguanas in areas administered by DRNA or use a weapon for that same purpose? Answer: The permit is for Scientific Research, with the purpose of population control only. You must submit a proposal indicating the type of weapon use for the methodology.

(As I completed the paperwork, in order to acquire the permit to hunt them legally, I found out than along with the proposal, the DRNA required a job resume and a $25 process fee. This permit covers hunting in public land and private land (with owner’s approval) and also covers hunting them on Natural Reserves (notifying before hand the Natural Reserve warden). HOPES THIS CLEARS MOST OF THE QUESTIONS