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OK have now tried inserting single pellet using tray not magazine. Big difference . Tried bench resting both ends on cheap plastic rest, better than expensive iron front and sand bag rear. Think the main difference though is the hold. Using magazine all over the place. Tray much better, less than an inch group at 50 yards, outside little breeze. Tested with just touching  the air reservoir and just touching the fore end of the wooden stock. An improvement down to half inch group at 50 yards with tray. JSB 15.9 low power. Back to Magazine , a 12 bore again.
So ordered some probe o rings , free of charge from Daystate, but postage charged for. The factory say duro 70 not 90 . Will test again when o ring replaced, will lube regularly afterwards.
Will return to my local dealer ( live in France) afterwards for probe re alignment or change. Seems to prove to me the problem is the probe.

I guess harmonics affect accuracy more than I believed possible.

safe shooting