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I think the idea is fantastic and I hope they run with it, but it will need to progress beyond this iteration.  I could definitely see a spot for a .30 break barrel in my cabinet tho.  It would be a stationary hunter only (this beast will probably tip 13lbs scoped, not something you wanna be totin’ thru the woods), the kind you don’t shoot much, just often enough to stay on target.  Part of the joy of airgunning is the cheap ammo and shooting all day, but the .30 starts getting pricey and the cocking effort is likely 40-50lbs.  Probably wouldn’t take any shots past 40 yards providing accuracy is there.  The only thing that I would want would be an additional 200fps.  550 is just to slow for that big of a pellet to have any decent effect on game and the .30 pellets start to destabilize that slow.  Hatsan is one of the few manufacturers that actually hit their FPS claims, so I have no doubts this one will be any different, but that much surface area at that low of speed may not penetrate game well, but would bludgeon wonderfully.  It would be like putting the same amount of force behind stabbing something with an ice pick and broomstick, the ice pick will go thru and the broomstick will bounce off.  I know that is not going to be the case on squirrels, cause slingshots and all, but on quarry that makes sense for a .30 like pigs and predators, this gun defiantly would not cut the mustard.  If they could get it up to 700fps, I would be 80% sold and likely be saving to get one unless the price point was too high.  If they get it to 800fps, I would own one.  Maybe with a vortex with a larger compression tube they could get there.  On a different note, I think their ad pic is really a black lab that just had his peanut butter chew bone taken away, which translates literally to the kind of “carnivore” this gun is.