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Thanks for your detail explaining.In fact,I can only understand a part of them.:)
And because of my poor English,I can’t describe it clearly.Sorry for that.
I’v said the HUBEN might borrow something from Steyr LP50,a 5-shot-semi-auto pistol.
May I ask that if one of the “double ended spool valve”is just like the LP50’s valve behind the pellet???
According to LP50,I mean that when the valve was hit by the hammer and the gas was set free,and it at last blowing the pellet into the barrel,but that moment,it also blows another valve which is coaxial to the barrel(yes,it is behind the pellet) back and made a second cocking,and waiting for another shot.

Back to HUBEN.
I imagine that when the valve opens,it first push the 8mm valve out because of it needs to set the gas free,than when the 8mm valve was opened,it would blowing the pellet into the barrel and the same time it will push the 5.5mm valve behind the pellet to go back and it has 2 works to do:
1.Make the magazine work by a mechanism.
2.Push back the 8mm valve to the original place and finish the next cocking by another mechanism.

Replacing(Close) the 8mm valve needs a complex structure and it seems that the designer should calculate the force of lever and maybe anything else,it is really a complex work,but I don’t care about this,what I just want know is:
I always think that it is the most important thing of a sniper gun and also blowing pellets is extremly hard to control the accuracy and the HD MASTER ever admitted that its accuracy won’t be very good.
It is decided by the structure,you should never compare it to Steyr LG100,that is a field target air gun.
Nobody wants to buy something always needs repairment,complexity means troubles.
I knew several Chinese players whose FX Revolution(Monsoon) goes wrong and they have no capability to repair it.