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Thanks for the valve explanation, I to agree that someday it will need servicing just like all mechanical devices. I am thinking that Huben is figuring by the time the first models are out and have some rounds through them they will hope to have repair service centers in each diffrent country. A massive undertaking, but it the gun is popular and sells well then it does make it easier to set up something. Huben stated NO user serviceable parts. Not no service.

I have well over 6000 rounds through the gun and it is still working fine, but im sure that one day some O ring will give out and that will be that. But, when that day comes we will all get to see inside the valve body. Then we will know what hides inside.

Im my dealings with Huben, I have found them to be honest and straight forward.  I got the K1 because my wife’s company imports from China sometimes and my timing was right. I have no other ties to them. But, I am glad that I have this gun because it is fun to shoot and makes air gunning super fun more like shooting firearms. I also believe that if they can get the manufacturing down and the quality up and stable then this gun will sell.