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My 2 cents is the gun is easily tunable, Ted has a lot of experience tweeking air rifles and I am sure he has people that can give him advise others like me would not be privilege too. You can buy a Marauder and try and follow all of the advise on the net and end up with a piece of junk at least the FX factory has built in adjustments you can make without taking your gun apart and going to town with polishers and drills thinking your doing something to the gun to make it better. If you look back at his video on the diameter of the pellet that would be a good place to start for tuning your gun. I have a Impact and like the fact it is well suited for hunting and with time and patience it can be a bench rest gun. Now i paid 1900 for a gun that has all the bells and whistles, I don’t have to buy a 2500 dollar Boss and a 1200 dollar wildcat for hunting. On top of it I can change calibers for 500 and some change and have a top of the line gun in many different calibers. For me I like to shoot not tear a gun apart and start changing the design of the original gun. 
If you had a business and you were introducing a new product wouldn’t you put your best foot forward. I don’t see a lot of problems with the gun. If you want to see dissatisfied customers read the posts on the Benjamin NP rifles I have one of those boat anchours.  
I appriciate  Ted and other people that take the time to make these videos and share them. 
My 2 cents