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“nvelkhunter”When it comes to accuracy the biggest variable is likely the shooter. And shooter variables are many. With the Impact they are multiplied by the the gun’s consumer tune-ability features. Knowledge and experience with shooting and this particular gun are include in “shooter” variables. Note from the video, Ted said he had some “secrets” about the gun, some he’ll share over time and a few he’ll keep to himself.


I disagree. A shooter can’t make a gun more accurate. A better shooter might get better results from a gun than someone with less skill. 

When we talk about accuracy, what we are really talking about is consistency. If I put a rifle in a vice and pull the trigger 10 times, how many will land in the same hole and how tight is the spread. The shooter’s skill should be irrelevant to this test. 

I think Ted was right to perform the test in ideal conditions so we are looking at the results of the gun only. 

I have definitely used two different guns of the same brand and model, but…. had a very different experience. Each air gun performs differently which is why people are always telling you to find the best pellet for your gun.