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When it comes to accuracy the biggest variable is likely the shooter. And shooter variables are many. With the Impact they are multiplied by the the gun’s consumer tune-ability features. Knowledge and experience with shooting and this particular gun are include in “shooter” variables. Note from the video, Ted said he had some “secrets” about the gun, some he’ll share over time and a few he’ll keep to himself.

Additionally, when it comes to long distance air rifle shooting, >50 yards, the environment is also has a huge effect, such as cross winds, down and up drafts…… Ted’s accuracy test looks to have taken during excellent conditions.

So is the test reliable information? Undoubtedly yes. Is it what every purchaser of an Impact should expect? No.

Was Ted’s gun hand picked because of his possible market influence? Not sure. But willing to bet as FX produces more and more of these guns they will get better and better with the added experience.
This is my 2 cents.