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“Keeneye”Hey All,
I wanted to try to get the younger ones who have not fully gotten into shooting or are having problems not having the results that they like.
I thought I knew about shooting till I went to KY and joined a club since it was so close to the house. I started shooting competitively in the early 90’s.
I shot bullseye pistol. I just couldn’t seem to break out of the 240-250 out of a possible 300. Couldn’t figure out why the top ten people were shooting 290’s up.

So a buddy and I decided to get an air pistol, I bought a Daisy 777 and we went to go shoot at the Air Pistol class.
When we went in guess who was there… the top 10 and Master class shooters. Why is this important? None of them told us anything about how they shot well or anything about air gunning, No Real Tips or Tricks. They didn’t want the competition. 

The reason for this topic is for those who want to learn, can. Also for those who know can help, will.  I’ve been making a vid, and have just posted on youtube.
There you can see what at least 4 things I think, it takes to become an avid and good shooter.
You can check it out:  Google    “1Avid youtube” and click on Responsible Shooting. Please leave a response, here and there. I’ll put the link up here later if there is an interest.  

I would like others to let others know your best Tip and Tricks to become a better shot with illustrations if you can. Thanks Keeneye


I am not one of the younger ones but I always want to shoot better.