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I shot competitively (powder pistols) for some 7 years. My first few months were what “I” thought were good, but soon learned that “real” shooters almost always shoot in the upper 280s. However, competitive sports, no matter what they are, require the individual to exercise his/her talent, and not necessity that of others. A very good example is the art of holding the weapon itself. 

I once had a javelin thrower do his best to tell me how to do it. Well, it worked for him, because he was double-jointed! Not me, so I didn’t do very well in that field sport. 

On the other hand, I grew up in a sporting good store in the Kansas City area. My father, an excellent hunter and fisherman, taught me the basics. But, he left it up to me to use my God-given talent to to perfect the skill in question. So, after about a year of shooting in a league, I managed to be a consistent 280s shooter. You can too! 

It is NOT going to happen overnight, and it might not ever happen. After all, each and everyone of us have a knack others may or may not have. It all depends on what effort you’re willing to expend. And even then, you might be better off plinking squirrels, rather than targets. 

So… Seek your own level!