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Tn_airgunner depending on the type of hunting you are going to be doing I would think the Mrod would be better with the ability to take quick follow-up shots. That being said if you don’t need the quick follow up shot the TalonSS will give you much more shots per fill. I presently fill my TalonSS to 2650 psi and get 40 shots per fill within 20 fps. If I go to a spread of 40 fps for shots I can get 60 shots per fill. If you are shooting at closer distances say under 40 yards a 40 fps spread probably won’t make much of a  difference in accuracy depending on the size of your kill zone. In the end as said both rifle can be very accurate and are built well and made in the USA. I have as a side note have thought about getting a regulator for my Talon from Altaros. With that regulator he is getting an average of 900 fps with the JSB 18’s and about 100 shots per fill. That is partly because you can fill the tank to a full 3000 plus psi and not having to worry about over coming the pressure on the valve. Look at this shot chart he claims to get. Bill Oh this is for the .22 caliber by the way which is what I have.|demoTab5