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I own a synthetic Maruder and an older Talon SS. 
I switched the TalonSS to CO2 for very quiet backyard plinking and removing English Sparrows and starlings from the feeder. It has been years since I used it with compressed air. As I remember it did not provide many shots per fill and pumping up that large tank was a real workout.
the 25 Marauder is a really great bang for the buck. It has a better trigger than the Talon, uses an eight shot magazine, a better trigger, is not influenced by the shooter,s hold, and provides ca two inch groups at 100 yards with the JSB. 25 gr pellets. The only minus is 16 shots from a fill.
I no longer pump my PCP,s since I purchased a CF tank. However, I do not believe that the Talon system is as efficient in using air as some of my other guns including the Marauder. I wish I filed the actual shot string data from my Talon on air.