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Ted definitely does nice reviews. I am curious to know if his accuracy tests are a reliable source of info for the rest of us. It’s not that I think Ted does anything wrong in how he tests the guns. It’s just that, if I was FX, I would make sure that the Impact that was being sent to Ted was hand-picked and tripple tested before being sent out. 

Ted made a simple comment about not liking the stock on the first Bobcat and they redesigned a whole new one with his suggested design, so they obviously believe that Ted’s reviews have the potential to help or hurt their sales in a meaningful way. Maybe it’s my devious mind but I can’t believe that his Impact was simply chosen at random like mine would be.

As as a general point, this industry is appalling at delivering consistent quality from one unit to the next. One person can receive a tack-driver while another is all over the place. I’d like to hear from some other Impact owners if their one is also the most accurate gun ever.

In Ted’s other reviews, he made a point of stating that all FX guns use the same smooth twist barrel so a Wildcat would be no more or less accurate than a Bobcat etc. Has FX created a new and more accurate version of their smooth twist barrel for the Impact, or did Ted just “happen” to get a good one?

I seem to remember Ted making a comment that his personal FX revolution was more accurate than the one he’d borrowed for his initial review too. He made a follow-up video to show off it’s “ridiculous accuracy”.