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First of all AJshoots is dead on and ill explain why. The pellet must engage the rifling from right after seating all the way to the choke. Why?  if the head of the pellet is not stabilized in the bore it will chatter down the bore till it either hits the choke and is again resized by the choke and stabilized but not effectively because it never rides correctly in the rifling. Or it goes threw the lose bore till it hits the rifling and is then stabilized by the twist of the rifling. Both instances end up with poor shooting guns at all distances  The Crosman barrels in the .22 are very thin and made in china, some shoot well others dont its a crap game. I personally will not shoot groups with a stock .22 Marauder that comes into the shop due to the fact the barrels are all over the place. Now lots of people say shoot the over sized H&N pellets but to me this is a band aid and limits you to only one pellet and still only makes it better not great. What would I suggest and have hundreds of times Get a Marmot militia HF barrel or buy the .25 Marauder with the USA made Green mountain barrel. Lets not let others with their own agenda screw with known results that have been tested by professionals repeatedly and proven correct. Thanks all for taking the time to read threw my LONG post. Travis