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My point is simple, from the beginning I have attempted to give a clean and useful review of this gun, I have not pulled any punches I own the gun, I shoot the gun, I have several other airguns that I shoot so I know what is good and what is not.  Doing a review takes time and effort. What I do not need is some negative person who has a ax to grind consistently posting negative BS each time I post responding to questions on the gun. As of this date you have not had one post that offered any information other than conjecture and BS from some unproven source. You do not own the gun, you have not shot the gun. Frankly up till this point you have only aggressively, negatively, attacked me because I have posted a review of the gun. Your “Bitter Criticism” is not founded in any data of your testing.  Somewhere along the line, you must feel that Huben has wronged you and because of that you feel it is your mission to go after whoever has anything to say good on the Huben product.