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My experience with my FX WIldcat .22 at the Springvale shooting range.

Ok, I have given my Wildcat its first workout, and I must say I am even more impressed.
I filled it to 200bar and started shooting with Jsb Exact Jumbo Heavy 18.13 grain pellets. these were suggested to me from Hermanns Sporting Guns where I purchased it from.
They were on the money !! 25 metre range I was consistently grouping the size of my thumb nail, most of the time pellet on pellet.
I fired off about about 9 magazine’s and then tried some other pellets, some lighter and some heavier, Grouping was still pretty tight but not as good as the JSB’s.
I also tried some cheaper pellets called Milbro Caledonian 13 grain pellets, these pellets were the shortest of all the ones I tried !! The wildcat did not like them at all !!
Pellets were flying inconsistent and the gun spat the magazine out twice so I won’t bother with them again, Pity because they were cheap, $12.00 for 500.
Anyway, I did a pellet count afterwards and worked out that I used 10 mags of JSB’s on the first charge and the pressure went from 200 down to 90 bar, so it’s safe to say that at 25 metres I can get 80+ accurate shots and this is a new gun. Some say that as a gun wear’s in you could get even more but for me 80 is great !!
The moral of the story is I guess, Find a pellet that your gun likes, and set it up for those pellets. I’ll be buying the JSB’s for sure.
Both targets had 16 pellets each through them.  
Very happy indeed………