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I admire you for composing an honest topic that has been eating away at the industry we love. Unfortunately a few people took advantage of this and replied to your heartfelt topic with accusations and hearsay. 

We will not tolerate people copying and posting degrading replies from the TAG forum. They have 24 page sticky thread dedicated to talking bad about Airgun Nation. We do not condone that kind of discussion, and we clearly do not share the same idea of what an Airgun Forum should be.

Here are a few simple rules that we expect our members to follow:  

  1. Before you post or reply, ask yourself, “Is my post going to be: constructive, insightful, or helpful in advancing the airgun community?”
  2. Speak to everyone as you would like to be spoken to. Abusive language and/or Trolling is not allowed.
  3. This is a forum for airgun talk, not politics. There will be no negative discussions about other forums. They can do things their way, and we will do things our way.
  4. Clandestine advertising is prohibited. Promotional posts made by non-sponsored vendors or their affiliates are not allowed; this includes any reviews or links. Furthermore; discussion of banned members, their products, or information leading our members to their websites will be discouraged. 

Airgun Nation is dedicated to taking our sport to the next level. We will encourage the discussion of ALL airguns & products, and remove anyone or any content in opposition to our rules.