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Thanks to the internet we now live in a world in which every manufacturer and seller of product has access to customers.  Obviously many of these vendors do business in areas of the world with drastically lower labor costs which means they can offer much lower costs to the customer.  Even within the borders of the US there are multiple vendors offering the same product (though this competitiveness is somewhat reduced when manufacturers like FX and Daystate choose to limit access to their product by dealing with only one importer).  The end result to this universal access is that wise retailers realize that the only thing they are selling that is uniquely their own is the service they provide.  

Forums are no different.  They all provide a venue which allows we customers to share our experiences with vendors for better or for worse.  Those forums that choose to restrict or censor this raison d’etre for forums to exist, like those vendors who perceive that pushing product with little or no regard for customer service, will find themselves in the long run at a competitive disadvantage and will suffer accordingly.