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My “made in England”  Phoenix Mk 2. It has outlasted offerings from Air Arms, Airgun Technology, Daystate , Logun, and FX. Why?,  because it has been accurate, reliable, different, and good looking. Accuracy in it’s .22 calibre speaks for itself. Different… well the air bottle is totally hidden in the walnut stock, no visible gauge, no visible fill port to detract from the good looks. The 10 shot magazine clearly shows the shot count , and is cycled by what looks like the trigger guard, a sort of Winchester action. In addition,  the good looks and favourable features include a magazine that slots into the side of the action, without sticking up above the top of the action, like a cobbled together afterthought on a single shot rifle, and does not interfere with ‘scope clearance.  It’s ambidextrous stock, complimented by a safety catch operable from either side. It has a full length proper barrel, none of your shrouded nonsense held on with a couple of grubscrews.. I like that it is mainly made and assembled inhouse in  London, unlike many “manufacturers”, who “assemble” parts from elsewhere. So, what of the future?, I fancy a carbine, HW100KT is looking good, but Phoenix make a carbine too…..