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Congratulations on your purchase of a .22 Cricket!  I think you are going to enjoy shooting it.  I own the same gun but in a walnut bulldog stock.  The Cricket is an incredible air rifle, although I also think all the other bullpups are great as well even if I do not own any of them as I’ve read some great reviews of them online.  Just like any high-end airgun, the Cricket will astound you with its precision if you have the skill to extract its pinpoint accuracy.  One advice: clean the barrel really good before shooting it.  It took over 20 patches to get the barrel of my rifle clean; the barrel was oversaturated with lube/gunk from the factory!

I love how the Cricket is so simple to work on and how I can easily adjust the regulator to put out the desired power I need for it to shoot at.  Right now, my Cricket is set to shoot 16-grain JSBs at 10 FPE (535 FPS).  At this power level I can get up to 320 shots! (This is with a low-power hammer spring installed.)  The reason why I decided to turn down the power to 10 FPE is because my max shooting distance is 27 yards on my property.  Also, I am after tons of usable shots for target practice.  Even at this power level with the aforementioned pellets, accuracy is still incredible.  Below is a spreadsheet I created to process the chrono work I did back in July of last year.  


This is a 25-shot group at 27 yards achieved by using only a front bag.  Please bear in mind that it took me many years to develop my shooting skills with a spring-piston rifle and thousands upon thousands of pellets to achieve a 25-shot group like this utilizing just a front shooting bag.