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I received the Atlas bipod earlier this week, in retrospect I may likely not even use it.

The Hawke Sidewinder Tac 8.5×25 scope arrived today.  When I picked up the box I was shocked at the weight thinking “I’m not mounting this brick on my gun”, then discovered the ‘suitcase’ in side.  I guess it’s a night touch but personally would rather has a regular scope box and saved their cost of the case.  It’s like too nice to throw away, but not sure why I would ever need it or want to keep it.  

Ordered the CF tank from Joe today, good guy to work with. 

I also ordered some H&N Extreme Hunter 19gn pellets, will see how they shoot.  

Rings should be here soon, Cricket next week. 

Still need to find local 4500 psi air but haven’t had time to look. 

One question, I would like to pick up a Gunguard or similar hard case.   As the Cricket is 27″ long, I suspect a ~36″ case will work, but image it would need to be fairly tall to accomodate the bullpup design with scope.   Anyone have a recommendation?

Thanks all,    more to come..