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My favorite .25 is my FX Impact in silver and black.  The engineering and foresightedness of the quick & easy load and cock lever, magazine fed, 30″ bull pup in  4 caliber plus arrows with the ease and reliability of changing barrels in a few minutes,  It’s accuracy, power, and versatility with the power adjustment wheel and valve,  shot counts, shroud, and pica tinny rails.  Targets and any game I’m interesting in taking from mice to raccoons and possible coyote with the .30 and careful shooting. It handles well and I’ve decked it out with a Hawke Eclipse scope, 30mm tube 4-16 x 56mm,(2nd hand) good day or night with a mounted light.  Wishing for .22 & .30  barrels with probes, shrouds,and mags.   My favorite .22 is my FX Bobcat in .22 with a 24″ barrel and 470cc air cylinder & Hawke 2-7 Air Max AO (2nd hand).  I have a .25 barrel, probe, 2 mags, shroud and the tools to make the switch on the Bobcat.  Closest to my heart is my Diana mdl. 36 checked wood (walnut?) stock in .22 still using  original iron sights .  It was my 1st REAL air rifle, capable of harvesting squirrels, pigeons, doves, starlings and even raccoons ect. with head lamp & careful shooting. Even today it sits by the door, a pellet in the barrel waiting to be cocked and take another squirrel (last was yesterday)  I started at eight with friends daisy air guns then bought my first a daisy springer air pistol. It was easy to keep hidden. ( dad was firm about NO guns after his time in WWII). It was air pistols till 18 then power burners till 35 years ago, back to air rifles for pests and vermin. Hard to imagine improving on the concepts Axel incorporated into the Impact.  I much admire his ability to daydream, engineer,and bank roll the Impact into reality, I’m very curious as to what may wait in the future. And I dread the possibility of regulation like England and Canada.  Please always know your target AND your back stop should the pellet fail to strike your intended target.