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i think its about due time i stand up for myself. not once have i or had i posted on this website before untill today in reguards to alligations i had been banned from this website in leu of the current situation with some banhammering that has been done. i never once nor had i ever registered on here untill today as my profile shows. so no REAPERDEUCE was not in fact PATRICK which is I, it was infact a impersonator claiming to be me, i have a funny feeling who it was already.

so to address this, This is my first post, and probably my last folling a heavy banhammer and thats fine, but i do have the right to stand up for myself and say NO, it wasnt me.

to answer questions, my favorite air rifle is not in fact my p12, though a good gun my favorite gun happened to be my first.  a crosman multi pump. much like ted, to my surprise as a gift it was given to me (more like loaned on a permanent basis) by my step father as my mother didnt feel i was ready to “own” my first gun, but i could use it whenever.

i never got the ability or chance to hunt with it so it was a bb only can puncher in my backyard.

a close second is actually my daisy 880s, i find it more fun to pump and reload then burn through lead and anybody thats known me on the yellow has heard about my 880 and know this is actually me now.

whoever it was that posted on my behalf, thanks bro. but your attempt failed and any admin/mod here can verify through a mod from the yellow this is the email i was banned on from there and my current contact email ive always used. neil clague has record of it as does a few other and can also verify my FACT over alligations.

ban me if you wish, but this reaperdeuce is a prick and needs to shut up and stop harrassing and impersonating me