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Thanks to those who chimed in. The number of opinions are too small a number for a conclusive answer in the context of thousands of rifles sold, but they may serve as a good indication of current trends. One also has to consider some of the “palace intrigue” that’s going on in the various forums which can skew the results, thus what I write below is only a general observation.

I think it’s safe to say that most bullpups on the market can and do meet the accuracy requirements set forth at the beginning of the post. Having all things in accuracy close to equal…the responses seem to be based on reliability and serviceability.  I think manufacturers need to pay attention to this. What brands/models were voted on here may be just as important as what brands/models were NOT mentioned.

Looks like the Cricket and the Vulcan are the biggest vote-getters,with the Cricket slightly ahead.  The Pulsar looks promising for a very recent gun, but I think the not so distant memory of the MVT problems and having an all-electronics gun may be an issue for some, notwithstanding the entry price. The FX Wildcat is a recent product and may be that’s why we did not see much more on it here despite the relatively large world-wide sales numbers. Similarly, the FX Impact is too new to judge when it comes to reliability compared to guns that were in use for a few years already.

I think the Edgun was the star not so long ago (before I started paying attention to bullpups) and was surprised that it only got a couple of votes.  Interestingly absent were the Kolibri / Hummingbird and the Mutant, but I do not know enough about them if that’s due to any issues, or because they are fairly new models, or they just did not make the cut.

There are some lower cost bullpups coming on the market like the Mrod P-12 and the Huben K-1 that probably will be at par as far as accuracy with the established or big names, but at a lower price-point and with U.S.-backed/facilitated service/warranty/mod options.  Based on what I read on RAW products (another U.S.-based manufacturer) their performance is superb too and if RAW decides to come out with a bullpup they may be able to take a lot of ground in that market niche.  

So unless one gun emerges with unparalleled accuracy elevating it above the rest of the bullpup field, in my opinion the choice of many bullpup buyers will come down to reliability and customer service experience.  And currently, here in the U.S. this may favor smaller U.S.-based companies/importers that focus on fast/responsive service and customization options which add additional value to the gun after its initial purchase in the form of easily purchased parts, fast repairs, custom modifications…all just a phone call away.