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I am still waiting on some parts and the new barrel, but decided to put together what I have and test some bullets. Using stock barrel and tuned to 840fps with 43gr eunjins. I was getting around 860fps with my 37 and 38 grain bullets. I didn’t try the 45gr bullets yet.

The 38gr from Pellet Garden didn’t shoot well at all. They definitely need a tapered leade as they were very difficult to load. Could be part of the reason results were not good?

The 37gr from Rat Sniper shot ok, but I only had 1 group of 5/8″ at 60 yards. Most were¬†around an inch.

Suprisingly enough, the 43gr Eunjins were very accurate. I am getting repeated groups hovering right around moa at 60 yards. I moved out to 75 yards since these are doing good at 60 yards. 1″ or better has been easy at 75 yards.

The 43 Eunjins have never shot much better than average to poor in any gun I have tried them in. The results so far have taken me by suprise to say the least!!

Once I receive the rest of my parts and new barrel, I will be able to obtain more fps. Hope to have another update soon.