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Picked one up from Airgun Depot for $159.00 with free shipping. Very accurate at ten yards, but I am having trouble out to 25-30 yards. I know the scope is not the greatest but this rifle is not hitting anything at long distance. The gun feels well made with very smooth cocking right out of the box, lots of power, nice trigger, added leather sling, and this gun is very quiet. The gun is long, too long. But all in all I feel with the right scope this could be a great .22 caliber air gun. Update 1/17/16: Switched pellets from Benjamin 14.3gr. hollowpoints to the H&N Field Target 14.66gr. Hitting dime sized groups at 30 yards without a problem. What a difference a quality pellet makes. For an under $200.00 dollar break barrel gun I am more than happy with the purchase after a very long break in period. Update 09/06/2016. This gun has turned out to be deadly accurate at long range, powerful, quiet, and the supplied scope that came with the gun has held up very well. From bullfrogs to racoons this gun will handle all your small to medium game needs.