Reply To: Nomad II failure



Must be the season.   My Daystate went belly up yesterday.  My story is on another thread.   I'm planning to going to nitrogen.  I'm tired of messing with this compressor.  Nitrogen is clean and dry and it's looking to me to be about the same money.   My daystate was purchased in late 17 or early 18 and I doubt I have 50 hours on it.  I plan on having it fixed if it's not too outrageous and I'll keep it as a back up so if  nitrogen turns into liquid gold.    Daystate is supposed to be the thing to have.  Well guess what they fail too.   I'm thinking it's going to be more common then we might think.  My unit was serial number 056.   AOA told me they have 15 pallets of daystate compressors on hand.  Must be selling like hot cakes (or not)