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Well done my man!  Keep those iguanas 🦎 in check.  

I keep hearing/reading about the iguana issues in SF (South Florida).  Where is the line that determines what is considered South Florida?  Do the iguanas only go so far north or have they not spread there yet, in enough numbers, to be considered a problem?

I have family in the Orlando area and they haven’t heard that there is a problem with iguana in FL so I’m wondering if the iguana haven’t made it up there yet or they won’t go that far?

I don't think they will reach Orlando, because the temperatures there can reach freezing point and that will kill them, they need warm weather, and that's exactly the problem here in SF, we haven't had any cold winter in a few years, and we are seeing an explosion on their numbers. I think you can have iguanas in big numbers from West Palm Beach down.

Well that's makes sense.  

Keep on popping those buggers and I'll keep watching!  Just don't shoot the pool boy….