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Having a lot of these guns I can confirm a few things;

1) The TP in the breech block is indeed different for the calibers and power levels availible, half a mm can make a huge difference in power output, I swapped a couple of mine about and observed this.

2) I understand the valve core "may" be different also in HP versions.

3) The other main issue is that each gun is set up individually in the factory on the programmer so they aren't all the same.

A .25 HP-Safari purchased would probably be the way forward, then the .22 HP version could be made from the .25, this way the TP would be the closest with regard to each other, buying a .30 cal gun and then expecting a .22 to work well would not be the case I think, perhaps a .30 to a .25 would though.

If you use a large breech TP in relation to the barrel TP and a low power program setting you can end up with an inconsistent gun.

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